Psychic mediumship is a healing process that helps bring people together in love. A psychic medium provides healing and guidance by connecting individuals with the recognizable spirits of their loved ones who have passed on. An individual’s loved ones can include spirits of family or friends, as well as their beloved pets.

Through this connection, a psychic medium can rely messages of love, support, and healing, as well as communicate specific information understood by the individual sitting for the reading. A session can help provide closure, bereavement support, and can diminish the fear of death.

Intuitive and
Spiritual Counselor

A gifted psychic and healer, Connie draws from a combination of spiritual and intuitive practices in order to provide guidance and counseling. Psychic readings may offer guidance, inspiration, a fresh perspective, or strategies for solving challenges.

Connie often blends energy work with guided imagery, as well as using her own intuition and information from spirit guides and angels. Other divining tools that may help in the process include tarot cards, astrology, numerology, or palmistry.

Some of Connie’s other specialties include energy balancing, negative thought-form clearing, and past lives regression.

Angel Power

Angel Power Therapy was created by Belinda Womack, the 12 Archangels of the Central Soul and the White Light and Sound Community to assist all those who desire to manifest a new reality in daily life. This non-denomination spiritual healing involves communicating and working with your guardian angels and the 12 Archangels.

Angel Power Therapy provides profound healing of the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious levels of thought and emotion. It also helps facilitate healing of the physical body, clears negative energy and teaches you how to manifest the miracles in your life where you need them most.

Connie has studied Angel Power Therapy with spiritual messenger Belinda Womack.


Reiki is a holistic energy treatment that works on the mind, body, and spirit. In a Reiki session, the Reiki practitioner (or Reiki Master) places their hands on or above the recipient to transmit Universal Life Energy for healing.

Reiki can be used to relieve pain, to lower stress, release blockages, balance chakras, promote the body’s natural healing abilities.

The origin of Reiki goes back at least 2,500 years and has been taught orally to students since it was rediscovered in the late 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui in Kyoto, Japan. Reiki is now practiced worldwide by both spiritual healers as well as in the medical community by physicians, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other health professionals.


The word “clairvoyant” is from the French word meaning “clear seeing.” Clairvoyance is intuitive sight, or the ability to see things within your mind or externally, including colors, images, visions, dreams, and symbols that provide information, perceive events in the future, or provide an understanding beyond normal sensory contact.

Connie began experiencing clairvoyance when she was a young child, including receiving information about loved ones through visions and vivid dreams.

Tarot Card

Tarot cards are a divination method that helps connect an individual to their inner world, enjoy the present, and prepare for the future. There are many varieties and interpretations of tarot cards, including designs that reflect individual personalities as well as specific trends in sexuality, religion, culture and philosophy.

Connie has been reading tarot cards since she was a young child and has continued to study tarot throughout her life. A tarot reading can be a rewarding and truly personal part of a person’s spiritual journey.