Psychic Medium

Many people are confused as to how a medium differs from a psychic. This is complicated by the fact that mediums are psychic, some psychics are mediums and many people offer both psychic and mediumship readings, sometimes in the same session.

A psychic uses their intuition to receive information about someone”s past, present, future, or all three. They may do this by reading the sitter’s energy field, connecting with their own or the sitter’s spirit guides or higher self, or connecting with a Universal Source. Sometimes they use tarot cards, runes, or other tools, or employ alternate methods of divining information such as scrying or astrology. They might just “know” things. Psychic reading may offer guidance, inspiration, a fresh perspective or strategies for dealing with challenges

A Medium connects with the sitter’s recognizable loved ones in spirit and gives enough detailed evidence to demonstrate that they’re really linking with a specific individual. It’s all about communicating with the dead, who aren’t really dead, as demonstrated by mediumship. Mediumship doesn’t involved predictions, or analysis of one’s career, finances, or love life. The intention of mediumship is to let the sitter know that their deceased loved ones are still a part of their lives, providing closure and bereavement support, and diminish fear of death. Loved ones in spirit may offer messages of love , support, and healing, or specific information understood only by the sitter.

Mediums use psychic ability to connect with those in spirit, so yes, mediums are psychic. Many mediums offer “psychic” readings in addition to mediumship, and some have a wider definition of mediumship.

To me, Mediumship is when an embodied person communicates with recognizable spirits of those who have passed and shares this information with other embodied humans seeking this connection. Loved ones in spirit can be beloved pets as well as humans. Mediumship is a healing process that brings people together in love.